Monday, 19 November 2012

some shopping

un poco de compras no hace nada mal verdad? :)
a bit of shopping doesn't do much harmn right? :)

mi bonita camiseta rosa de Monki y mis pantalones nuevos de H&M juntos con mis lita spike 
my pretty pink shirt from Monki and my new pair of jeans from H&M with my lita spike

me encanta el estampado, el tejido y el perfecto ajuste de este pantalon!
i love the pattern, the textile & the perfect fit of these jeans!



  1. precioso pantalón y botines lita spike :D

  2. Bfff, too much time without visit your blog!!
    if you remember, you were one of my followers of my last blog (whatisnotfashion)
    Now I started from zero with
    I will be so grateful if you follow me in the new one!!!

  3. Casi no veo el pantalón completo y ya me está encantando así... <3


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